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White Papers

ABCs of Business Valuations for Lawyers

Business valuations provide the user with the financial value of companies, and can be used as a tool for many types of transactions. Most commonly, this process plays an essential role in business sales and legal matters, and can also be of key importance in investors’ personal affairs.

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An In-Depth Look into Forensic Accounting

How forensic accountants investigate and uncover fraud, whether it originates from employees, customers or company executives.

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Coordinating Business Succession Planning With Estate Planning

A business succession plan provides business owners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their business will be in good hands when they retire, pass away or otherwise depart from the business. It also offers their family and the business itself a framework for financial and organizational stability during the transition.

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Enlisting a Forensic Accountant for Matrimonial Matters

The services offered by forensic accountants and the benefits they provide to courts and lawyers as expert witnesses and consultants.

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Owning and Operating a Business: Choosing the Right Entity

The different business entities and some common advantages and disadvantages of them.

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Using Estate Planning & Trusts to Protect Assets

The common issues surrounding estate planning, including what goes into an estate plan and how to implement it.

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