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Our Clients Say It Best


“JGS is very good, and very responsive. They promptly return phone calls and offer a quality level of service and tax expertise. I’ve found that I’ve been making more money and paying less in taxes legally. To me that’s exceptional.”


Client since 2001

We wanted experience in construction, a clear and accurate ability to communicate the financial condition of the company. We have Gary look at each deal to give us the tax implications and advice on negotiations. We’ve been audited by the IRS and NYS sales tax department and as difficult and arduous as the process can be Gary Cassiello and Judelson, Giordano & Siegel, CPA, PC have prevailed and their positions taken on Verticon’s behalf proven correct. I consider Gary a friend. His advice has made him an indispensable member of the Verticon team. They have a deep and intelligent understanding of the construction industry from a tax, bonding as well as a banking standpoint. There is no one I would go to with succession planning except JGS. They can look at a situation when it’s presented with adeptness and provide a clear and intelligent view of it. They can guide you into the right decision. We recommend them to others all the time.


Client since 1974

I definitely give them a 10 – they are super!


Client since 1986

As a young three year old company in 2006, we needed the expertise of a CPA firm that could communicate openly and respect our uniqueness to help us structure our organization and financial recording processes to make American Petroleum one of the fastest growing environmental construction companies in the Mid Hudson Valley. Judelson, Giordano and Siegel proved their worth to us (now in our fifth year) with consistent, exceptional advice assisting us in our accounting procedures, stabilizing capital, increasing cash flow forecasting and providing valuable insight to the rigors of running a successful company.


Client since 2006

“JGS is beyond comparison to other firms. They are very proactive and knowledgeable. We have a real comfort level working with them. They made the transfer of ownership in our family business seamless, and they have all the information, pros & cons on the tax issues.”


Client since 1984

“JGS is superior because of the personalized service they provide. Bonnie Orr is wonderful; she does everything for us. With other accountants we would leave a message and it would take a long time to get a response. Bonnie calls back very promptly.”


Client since 2002

“There’s a certain personal touch from JGS that other firms lack. JGS doesn’t forget who we are. They were extremely helpful when I detected some embezzlement by one of my employees. They helped me work through everything including filling out the timeline I was going to present to the police. JGS has set a new standard for what an accountant should be. They are like part of the family.”

Dr. A.L.

Client since 1974

“JGS did some outstanding work for us when we were the subject of an IRS audit. We walked away without any changes to the return. I think the amount of preparation that went into that was extensive. It all comes back to their honesty, integrity and the way they work.”

Dr. R.F.

Client since 1994

“Stan calls me EVERY time from his car the moment he leaves your office. I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you came into our lives. There aren’t many people that do an exceptional job and have the passion that you have. You really care about your clients. Regardless of how much money we end up with this is really about our relationship. You are not just our accountant, but truly a friend. Thank you.”


Client since 2000

“JGS has been great! Their pricing is better, their service is better and the timeliness of reports is better than the Big 4 firm we had previously. I was expecting a higher level of service from the Big 6 firm, but we never got it. The Big 4 firm was expensive, inaccessible and made mistakes. JGS has brought more to the table for me than I ever expected. Our accounting practices are back on track, and we are moving forward. JGS is a resource I wish we had years ago for advice and guidance with acquisitions. JGS has done everything I’ve asked them to do and more. They’re great business advisors, and I’ve recommended them to other Anheuser-Busch distributors.”


Client since 2001

“100% better – They are thorough & they follow up.”


Client since 2001

JGS orchestrated a buy-out deal between my father and I that was both brilliant and creative. We couldn’t have done it without them. My father and I had other accountants look at our situation, but they just didn’t have the expertise of the JGS team. When it comes to buy outs, acquisitions and mergers Judelson, Giordano and Siegel is the firm I would recommend to anyone.


Client since 2006

“JGS have been our accountants for 42 years…..actually they are much more than accountants we consider JGS extremely valuable business consultants. JGS knows our business model, our business processes, and go that extra step by learning about and staying on top of our industry. Because of their intimate knowledge of our business, our industry and our family dynamics, their advice regarding business or succession plans is invaluable………..and the best thing is we can all get together and have a cold beer at the end of the day.”


Client since 1970

“Bonnie, I can’t thank you enough for your help in handling all of this so quickly and professionally. Managing the various aspects of this estate from such a distance has been terribly difficult, but working with you has taken one large part of the burden off my shoulders.”

Mary Scarvalone

Client since 2006

“I’ve known Bonnie Orr since the middle 1990s … that would be 22+ years. She has managed every aspect of my small business planning through multiple corporations, LLC’s, marital dissolutions and tax jurisdictions. It never ceases to amaze me how she always knows what to do and can answer a question, without even hesitating, on the most complex of business tax issues. Never have I felt vulnerable. Only professionally served in all cases by Bonnie and the entirely-professional team at Judelson, Giordano and Siegel.”

Brian V.

Client since the 1990s

“JGS is very good, and very responsive. They promptly return phone calls and offer a quality level of service and tax expertise. I’ve found that I’ve been making more money and paying less in taxes legally. To me that’s exceptional.”


Attorney Client since 2001

“They know monthly what is going on. They know everything about the business, my personal finances, and my relationships with employees. There is nothing that I hide from them. They are helping with full estate planning and business acquisition. They helped me leverage the numbers in the acquisition and helped in negotiating the cost of the business. They have enabled me to get the financing in place and the right ROI on the purchase price, including how to deal with it. They will climb any mountain I ask them to climb.

If I purchase any major piece of equipment, we talk about depreciation. They can integrate from business to personal down to your children’s tax estate planning. The team at JGS consists of “go to” people. I recommend them. I like them very much, and I have a lot of admiration for the firm.”


Client since 1976

“Judelson, Giordano and Siegel are far superior to the accountants I have had in the past. The cost, their ability and the direction they offer you, places them above the competition. Their expertise regarding my business and my retirement needs was amazing! They are incredible negotiators and helped me tremendously with the sale of my business.”


Client since 1990

“The estate planning JGS did was outstanding. They work well with the attorney to get it done. I recommend clients to them.”


Client since 1964

“They take the time to do the procedures – they don’t take any shortcuts. They are a very thorough accounting firm.”


Client since 1950

“I expected them to be great and they have been. It’s not only their competency, but the relationship. They really know their stuff, and I enjoy meeting with them. They are not your typical boring accountants. They are like a business partner. They open your eyes to more strategies. I recommend them on a regular basis.”


Client since 2002

“Bonnie is a consummate professional. She dots every “i” and crosses every “t”. She never allows me to fall into a place where I am vulnerable. I sleep very well at night because of Bonnie. She saves me money on taxes; prevents me from pitfalls. She is on the top of her game. She never lets the ball drop.”


Client since 1981

“The level of service JGS provides is outstanding. I give them a 10! I don’t give out big marks that easily, but they are good and save me taxes.”


Client since 1944 (3rd Generation)

“We have been working with Gary for several years now. He came HIGHLY recommended by others. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable not to mention, incredibly friendly. We are so happy to have found him. If ever I have questions, he’s quick to take my call or respond to my email. Always thorough with explanations. We truly appreciate all of his dedication to his clients.”

Joe & Jessica

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