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Business Acquisition

Businesses grow in a variety of ways, but many grow through acquisition of other businesses. At JGS, we have been helping our clients grow through business acquisitions for decades. We have successfully guided our clients through acquisitions to produce more profitable businesses, and as a result, have effectively assisted in restructuring their operations.

Our acquisitions support includes:


  • Planning of your Company’s Future Growth Potential
  • Positioning your Company for Acquisition- Direct Purchase or Financing
  • Performance of Business Valuations to determine Fair Value of the Business
  • Performance of Financial Statement Overlays of Both Businesses
  • To Determine the Added Value of the Acquisition
  • Evaluation of Management Team Abilities/Skills Given Newly Formed Business
  • Evaluation of Financing Options
  • Negotiation of Final Purchase Price
  • Evaluations of Tax Implications
  • Financial Forecasting