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The Advisor Podcast

Welcome to The Advisor Podcast. Brought to you by JGS CPA. We are a FULL-service CPA firm. We’ve been in business for over 85 years. Planning for our clients and working hard for their success. We are trusted professionals. And now we have a podcast, we will offer up our knowledge sharing content and information on all things accounting, tax, and business advisory while also opening up our network of attorneys, bankers, financial advisers and even non-profits we support to discuss topics and their services to our listeners. We are your trusted advisors and this is The Advisor Podcast.


Episode Blogs

TAP 6 | Data Security
  Almost everything these days is done digitally, which means speed and convenience to everyone. But along with its many benefits comes heightened awareness when it comes to data security. With scammers, phishers, and cyber attackers lurking out there, just one wrong click and your business could be gone. Jen Coleman and Paul Villanueva talk with Michael Garofalo about their Pleasant-Valley-based business, Intelligent IT Designs. They discuss the benefits of using UPS technology and undergoing
TAP S2 5 | R&D Tax Credit
It is projected that we are about to enter an era of enforcement marked by more stringent enforcement of tax policy, which will raise the bar for small businesses seeking to claim the R&D tax credit. On today’s show, Michael Garofalo sits down with Brad Poris. Brad leads the northeast region of BDO’s Business Incentives Group, with a specialization in the research and development tax credit. He discusses lessons learned from the Little Sandy Coal
TAP S2 4 | Disability Insurance
  Many people live paycheck to paycheck, but with disability insurance, you’ll have no money issues during accidents. Michael Garofalo welcomes Carolin Mohrmann, a Benefits Advisor at Aflac, and Don Badgley, an Insurance Counselor at Northwestern Mutual and Small World Wealth Management. Join in the conversation to discuss how short- and long-term disability insurance plans augment one another. Mohrmann and Badgley acknowledge that these are tough conversations to have with anyone, so they share stories
TAP S2 3 | 930 Plan
Life is made up of choices. In every aspect of it, you have to know how to deal with certain situations. In addition, you have to be equipped with the tools you need to keep moving forward. Chuck Omphalius of Max It Out (MIO) Retirement discusses the rationale behind his 930 Plan to create awareness for people. We also talk about tax-wise strategies for hedging against inflation, then we take a little tangent and talk
TAP S2 2 | Former Advisor Host
  Did you miss the Former Advisor Host, Brian Powers? This is your lucky episode! Today, Brian returns with a massive update on his new role. For those who don’t know Brian, he’s the Former Vice President of Business Development Marketing at JGS, CPA, and the Founder of The Advisor Podcast. Join in the conversation as Brian talks with Michael Garofalo from the other side of the mic about his work with Mid Hudson Construction
TAP S2 1 | Growing Your Business
  Brittany Johnson and Laura Johnson aren’t afraid of dirty work as long as it means that they get to grow their business. Their normal business operation, based in Middletown, New York, focuses on fire and water remediation – but COVID-19 added a whole new dimension: disinfection of surfaces. The shortage of PPE combined with significant uncertainty around the spread of the virus made 2020 an extremely challenging year for their business transition. Because of this, the
TAP 32 | Energy For Business
  When cutting costs, people usually don’t think of utilities since it is the lifeblood of any establishment. But what if there was a way for you to save money for your business just by looking into your energy consumption? Today’s guest Matthew Holland is the Vice President of Business Development at Reflective Energy Solutions. They work tirelessly to help clients manage their energy expenses and ultimately save money by analyzing their usage, comparing competing providers, auditing their
  You have to be prepared for the moment 100% of the businesses start to reopen. You have to be there right out of the gate, but how can you do that if you keep worrying about the smaller tasks? If you want to grow, you need your full attention on your main mission. This is why you need a professional employer organization system. To talk more about that is Tom Lemmey and Brian Kennedy.
TAP 30 | Stress Resiliency
  Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t get stressed. Everyone gets stressed. Some people are so used to being stressed that they don’t even know that they are. Join your host, Brian Powers, and his guest, Prash Kotecha, on how to build resilience against stress. Prash is the Owner of Stress To Success, where he coaches leaders to optimize their lifestyle. Especially in these uncertain times, people need to be able
TAP 29 | Business Operations
  The after-effects of COVID-19 for business operations are far-fetching. Without discipline, you’ll have to deal with massive breakdowns. Brian Power’s guest in this episode is Colin Clayton, Business Development Executive at Staples Advantage. Colin talks with Michael about how you can’t rely on one employee or supplier to run your processes. Otherwise, if that one employee or supplier fails, the entire chain of dependables collapses. Join in to find out how you can prevent
TAP 28 | Workplace Efficiency
  Many small businesses these days don’t have the resources to increase efficiency and mitigate costs. This hinders them from moving forward and growing because of how much time they are spending on things that can be automated. This is where the power of technology and digital transformation comes in. Join Brian Powers and Andrew Cohen in this discussion about workplace efficiency.  Andrew is the CEO and Managing Partner at EVOKE, one of JGS CPA’s closest
TAP 27 | Property Tax Assessments
  Doing property tax assessments is one crucial area of real estate to determine where your money is going and what it means to you in the future. Since this is quite a complicated process, seeking professional help is never a bad idea. Brian Power talks with Karen Hagstrom from Stenger, Diamond & Glass law firm to share how she helps people in this process. She explains the pitfalls to avoid in residential properties and the misconceptions