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TAP 2 | COVID-19 Resources


The introduction to The Advisor Podcast was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on us. Brian Powers releases this second part to introduce a significant change into the podcast format. While still taking the time to talk about topics around tax accounting and business advisory, Brian also brings you access to their network of resources, which you might find useful in this chaotic time. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and get access to these resources on top of great content.

Listen to the podcast here:

Introduction Part II – COVID-19 Resources

I’m going to call this The Second Intro or Intro Part B to our show. When we first cut that intro you read on our first episode, we were not in a COVID-19 craziness. Things have taken a change and a turn. We want to do the same with the show and bring our audience resources. For the tax accounting and advisory piece of it, that will still be the same. We wanted to do it in the original introduction. We also want to bring you access to the conversations we’re having with our network. Whether that’s marketing and communication, cost-savings tactics, talking to the people that deal with efficiency, and even talking to our friends at economic development to find out, what’s going on? What are they thinking about after the fact?

TAP 2 | COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources: We look forward to bringing you as much useful information as possible.


We’re still going to bring you the topics of the Payment Protection Program that you’ll read an episode on or the CARES Act and all of the provisions that come with that, your tax savings, and things that you can implement into your business and your personal life. We also wanted to bring you access to other people that we have access to and are in our network. That’s what our hope was and bring these episodes to you in real-time so that you can tune in to them on demand. I feel like we’re all webinared out after all of that’s going on with COVID-19 and the reaction that’s happening. Webinars are great, but we know that you’re busy. We want to bring you information that you can tune in to when you’re ready to take it in.

Things have taken a turn, so we want to do the same with our podcast and bring listeners access to our network's resources. Click To Tweet

Make sure that you subscribe to the show on whatever channel you like to subscribe to. Whether it’s iTunes or Stitcher or any of the ones we have listed here, we’re pretty much on all of them, subscribe. You’ll get a notice when we post a new episode. As always, we’re here for your questions, your comments and we want to hear about what you want to hear. Are there things and topics that you want to hear more about? Shoot me an email, leave me a comment, and we’ll make sure that we get those people on the show. We’ll make it as resourceful and as useful as possible. We look forward to bringing you as much useful information as possible. Look for more information coming soon.

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