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About Us

The New Breed of Accountants – Business Professionals Offering a Full Spectrum of Consulting Services

What can you expect from JGS?

The business world of today demands a new breed of accountant. Simply being a CPA and offering tax and accounting services are of course critical, but, no longer provide the value added component needed to thrive in today’s tough business climate. Decisions are complex, touching every aspect of your business, your personal financial goals and most definitely your bottom line. What better organization to assist you in these matters, than a firm that truly understands the detailed composition and structure of your bottom line from finances to operations.

Our Mission

At JGS, we are not your typical accounting firm. JGS represents the new breed of accountants – the business professionals offering a full spectrum of consulting services necessary to address a broad range of financial issues. We’re problem solvers utilizing our CPA and industry expertise to apply effective solutions to real world problems. Our mission is one of strong commitment to our clients, their businesses and the knowledge base we must possess to assist our clients to be competitive in their industries.

Our Formula for Success Means Excellence for You.
Vision – An Approach of Innovation and Forward Thinking

At JGS, we work to find fresh solutions to problems both old and new. We consistently work to evolve our solutions from one experience to the next, building upon proven results to achieve success for our clients. JGS prides itself on helping its clients carry business forward into the future- developing a vision, goals and objectives that are financially sound and viable.

Guidance – Assisting You in Finding the Right Direction

Whether your financial planning needs are personal or business related, it can be difficult to read the signs and interpret the numbers to make sound decisions. JGS understands the complexities of your finances and is committed to guiding you to solutions. We offer expertise you can rely on, and rapid responses to your questions and ever changing needs. As your business grows JGS is there to assist, support and develop along with your evolving needs and future challenges.

Teamwork – Working Along Side You Towards a Common Goal

We are good listeners. We feel it is vitally important to listen and accurately hear the specific needs and goals of our clients. Using this as a foundation, we work closely together to create specific solutions and to anticipate future needs. In order to truly achieve this goal, we must work with you in your industry becoming fully knowledgeable about your operations and business challenges. Over the past 80 years, we have gained valuable expertise in a wide range of industries, affording us the ability to quickly become active consultants in our clients businesses. At JGS, we feel responsiveness is a key element of any team member, so we work to keep the lines of communication open, offering as much accessibility to our services and staff as possible. We believe the personal touch is vital to serving your needs, becoming part of the team and adding value to your business.

Expertise – Performing Services with Knowledge, Confidence and Integrity

At JGS, our client’s work with us because of the results we provide them. In accounting, financial planning and business consulting, performance is critical to success. Our partners and staff are highly skilled in all of our service areas, learning more each day in seminars, continuing education and the consistent partner communication necessary to always be ahead of the curve. Our expertise, in tandem with an open door communication style allow us to craft a highly customized consulting service aimed at providing maximum benefit from client to client. We feel knowledge and years of experience are crucial to the quality of our service and personal business success.

Growth – The Ultimate Measure of Our Success

At the end of the day, our clients are looking for growth and protection of their business’ and personal assets. Over the past 80 years, JGS has built a rock solid reputation for offering just that – skillfully assisting companies and individuals in maximizing the growth of their success, their investments, their businesses and their personal wealth. We pride ourselves in the commitment we have made to our clients in offering them the support they need to achieve this goal.

JGS is accounting and so much more. We are proud and quietly confident about who we are and our own journey of growth and success. The strong, personal relationships we have with our clients, and the growth we have worked with each of them to achieve, has become the litmus test that validates our own business success. That we practice what we preach has proven to be the cornerstone that has served our clients and our own firm quite well. We look forward to learning how we can apply the same principles in the service of our own evolving business success story.